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2017 News

Toastie started the year out getting her second leg in Novice agility preferred and recently got an agility Open Preferred Jumpers with Weaves title. She has quite a fan club because of her habit going slowly until she gets to the weave poles. If she makes it through the weaves, she is so relieved and proud that she just takes off and runs the rest of the course very fast. That course was made for us- she could go through the weave poles on my left without losing time (forget doing the weaves on my right- ain’t gonna happen!) and they were early in the course, so she got into top gear early. She got a big round of applause and first place, too- no other qualifiers at her height. That’s common in the purgatory of open agility. At the same trial, Jilly came about as close as you can to qualifying in Novice Jumpers. Since then Jilly quickly earned two Novice Jumpers qualifying scores, and Toastie completed her standard Novice Preferred and her Open Jumpers title with another first place. The open title was earned at an outdoor trial, and I think she was the only qualifier at any height! It was a tough course, emphasizing control, as there were three or four places where the dog was faced with two obstacles and had to take the correct one.

A week after her first agility qualifying run, Jilly went four for four at a Rally-Obedience trial, earning two legs in Rally Excellent with a first and second place, and two CD legs with a third place. In her next competitive weekend she earned her CD with a first place, an insurance leg with a second place, her RE with a second place, and an insurance leg for that title with a fourth place. The next day she went to an agility trial and earned her NAJ title with a first place. In October she earned her CDX title in four trials. Her only non-qualifying score occurred because I had a REALLY bad throw on the retrieve over the high jump that, in my opinion, deserved another throw. Jilly went over the jump on the way out, but came back directly to me instead of taking the jump. The judge said later that it was at the limit of where he would send the dog. Sorry, Jilly!

From Solo’s litter, Celia, Jilly’s grandmother, died this summer from lung cancer. She had a very large mammary tumor removed, in June and recovered well, but the cancer had already metastasized. Her litter mate Daisy, Toastie’s mother, is still going strong at 14.5. Daisy is in great shape for her age but no longer goes hunting. I have not heard from their sisters lately.

At age 12, both Cece and Rosy have new kennelmates that they are trying to civilize. Rosie has turned the field work over to her son, Chevy. Cece has MoMo, a litter mate to Jilly, and Rosy has her granddaughter Scout, a litter mate to my Ilsa. Scout already has her JH. Ilsa is doing well in her training, but got a late start because of a very wet spring here in Wisconsin. She is steady and marks well . she’ll be going for her JH next spring. Celia’s son Beau has another Jilly litter mate, Jet. Doc in Indiana has had a hiatus in his training as his family deals with health problems. He is a handsome boy! His brother Toper is still in Germany. Jake is showing his 12.5 years and needs a ramp to get into the car as his rear is not what it used to be.

2016 News

In February Toastie had a litter sired by GCh Kaltrav Caribbean Cruise JH. Calypso was the No. 1 Labrador in conformation in 2011, winning some all-breed Best in Shows, as well as Best of Breed at specialties, Westminister and Eukanuba. The eight puppies were all male, and the first seven born were black. I wanted a female, as did most of my puppy buyers. So I sent the pick puppy to Maine to live with Jane, who also owns Josie and a granddaughter of her Cammie daughter Josie. I kept the yellow boy and donated the rest to Custom Canines, where they are being fostered and will become service dogs. Punch, the one I kept, was introduced to the field and has participated in obedience and rally training classes.

Toastie returned to the agility ring in August and September, earning her Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred title quickly, but had lost her confidence on the dog walk and teeter totter. We worked on that until late fall, when she got a standard leg. Meanwhile, Vega and Jilly were doing field work at Salty Dog Farms. Vega has recovered from her cruciate ligament surgery and is doing triple retrieves. Jilly is now steady (most of the time) and is doing doubles. Vega then completed her Graduate Novice and Open obedience titles in her first time in the ring. She finished both titles with all first places, being the only dog to qualify each time. Open is hard! Vega finished in four trials!

I bought a great granddaughter of Cammie from Robin and Ron in Michigan. Her mother is a daughter of Rosie, Jake’s litter mate and Ch Sher-Mi Front Runner SH, sire of Celia’s last litter. Her father is Ch Deep Run Casablanca CD MH SHU, sired by a champion master hunter whose parents both wer Ch MHs, a pedigree I couldn’t pass up! Addison Oaks N Linamia’s Usual Suspect (Ilsa) has been training with me and at Salty Dog Farm and after one week was doing the big dog marks, although released to retrieve while the bird was still in the air. Of course, she usually stood there after picking up the bird and considered her options, returning with it reluctantly after much urging. Larry should get that cleaned up pretty quickly.

2015 News

I lost two dogs in 2015. My non-performer Watson succumbed to cancer in February, and I lost dear old Solo in June at age 15+. She suffered from vestibular disease that affected her balance for the last 15 months of her life and seemed to be very disoriented at the end. I hated to lose her, but the quality of life just wasn’t there anymore.
Codi, from Cammie’s second litter, died in 2015. She was bred several times, and Jane has a granddaughter. Codi earned her RN with one fourth and two first places!
Also, Tori from Cammie’s last litter died at age 10. Tori had a JH and was a great field dog. A littermate Bosun, who had numerous agility and rally/obedience titles, died several years ago. Bosun has been replaced by Molly, a granddaughter of Bosun’s littermate Rosie. Molly is doing nose work and obedience with her owner Doreen.
And most sadly Richard Sorensen was killed in a motorcycle accident. Richard co-owned three dogs with me. Diva, who was Solo’s mother (her only puppy), earned her championship. Hailey and Dawn have also had litters for me. All three hunted grouse and pheasant extensively with Dick. Dawn is living with Richard’s widow, Julie.

Jake and I took two nose work classes in the fall of 2015 and really enjoyed it. He now is able to find birch scented items. Toastie, Jake, Celia, and Vega all went on pet therapy visits in 2015 and helped to train Ripon College students to handle them to the equivalent of a Canine Good Citizen title so that the students could handle them on therapy visits. Jake and Toastie were the favorites. Celia is happier when she’s with me, and Vega was away being field trained most of the time.

Toastie began 2015 by earning her Novice Agility and Novice Agility titles, completing both titles on the same weekend. She then got one leg in open standard agility. Jilly, from Dawn’s 2013 litter, earned her Rally Novice title in May, her Junior Hunters in August, and her Rally Advanced and Canine Good Citizen in October, qualifying every time she went in the ring or to the line. She would have had a perfect score in one of her RN trials if her stupid handler hadn’t taken an extra step in one exercise! Her littermate Handy earned his CGC in April and his RN in October, also qualifying in three straight trials.

Vega got a Graduate Novice leg with a first place at the lab specialty in June and then got two CDX legs with first places in September and August because she was the only dog to qualify both times. She came close to getting the title the next day, as she did all the retrieves and jumps, only to sit too far away when she returned from the broad jump. No one qualified that day! Then two weeks later she hit the high jump in a practice ring and tore both cruciate ligaments in her knees. Surgery was performed on the first knee in early November and on the second one in mid-January. She is now undergoing therapy so that she can get that third leg and go back into field training in May.

Hazen and Patten from Dawn’s litter born in 2013 were donated to Custom Canines in Madison and are both now placed with people with PTSD. I got to meet both people at a fund raiser for CC, as well as the foster parents who raised Hazen and Patten. They are shown in the photo along with myself and Celia, their grandmother. Hazen lives with Todd, who lost a foot in Iraq and volunteers at softball camps for amputee kids. Patten is with a woman who was afraid to leave her house, but is now taking him for walks, going shopping, and even going to street fairs with him. Hazen was raised by Keelin, a “graduate” of my Ripon College pet therapy program, who is now the puppy procurement person for Custom Canines. They got many compliments for their great temperaments and trainability.

I got a nice letter from Allen in California. Maisie, from Cammie’s last litter, is doing well at 10.5 years. She is a great hunting companion and family dog, but she is getting deaf. Too many shotgun blasts, I guess. I also heard from Starr from Cammie’s second litter. Starr has slowed down but is still doing well. Here is a picture of her with her owner’s daughter.

2014 News

Big news for this year was Toastie’s success in the field and obedience rings, earning her JH in four straight trials (three in 2013 and her last one in 2014) and her CDX, including two qualifying scores at the LRC National Specialty. She also qualified in novice agility and junior hunters (twice) at the Nationals, allowing her to place second in the Challenge competition for mainly performance participants in a field of over 40. Because she participated in conformation as well, she also earned a Dog for all Reasons award.
Jake and Vega also earned Up to the Challenge medals. Jake placed third in veteran’s obedience and in the challenge dog conformation competition and qualified in Senior hunters to finish in the top ten in the challenge competition. Vega qualified in rally and junior hunters and finished third in the challenge bitch conformation competition. It was the second Challenge medal for both of them, as they both qualified at the 2012 National specialty, too. Toastie didn’t go to that one.

2013 News

Fall 2013

Jake had back surgery to trim back three herniated disks that were pinching his spinal cord and almost paralyzing his rear legs. Surgery was a great success, and Jake is now returning to field work but jumping is no longer an option.
After a rocky start in the field (two no goes at her first test) Toastie got her act together and earned three JH legs, two in the same day at Tidewater RC, while we were visiting the east coast for my 50th high school reunion. Toastie also got her CD in 2013.
Sad news was the death of Godot at age 13.5 + years. Godot was co-owned with Karen Mawhinny, who was absolutely devoted to him. Godot even had his own car, bought so that Karen could take him to the vet, etc., as he could no longer climb into her Explorer. He was a great hunting dog and sired 30 litters of good hunting dogs. A limited amount of frozen semen is available, and Karen has a list of people still wanting Godot puppies.

News for spring 2013

Jake, Solo, Celia, and Vega all got their CGCs in March. Toastie was in season, so she stayed home. At almost 13 years of age, Solo was the oldest dog qualifying. The CGC qualifiers and Toastie are all certified by Healing Paws of Fond du Lac for pet therapy visits. We visit three local assisted living facilities. Solo celebrated her 13th birthday with her friends at Prairie Place on April 24.

Toastie got her Rally Novice title, qualifying in three trials in two days with two placements and a top score of 96 despite almost no training, as the yard was still a foot deep in snow! Then only five weeks later, after being in season and being bred (again, very little training), she competed against the already titled dogs to get three straight Rally Advanced passes with a placement with a 96.

Rosie (Watson X Cammie) in New York is also doing pet therapy. She was pictured in the newsletter of the nursing home she visits wearing cheetah ears to match her owner Claire’s outfit.

News for Winter 2013

Toper (Celia X Noah - Ch Sher-Mi Front Runner SH)and Maya have been busy in Germany. Maya’s account follows:
Toper says hi to you as well. He also had a good year. Besides passing the German equivalent of the CD, he also passed the Hunting Eligibility Test. Hunting dogs in Germany have to pass this test so one can actually take them hunting (weird Germans, they have rules for everything :-). Anyways, Toper did great . He was the only labrador retriever participating and to the surprise of the judges, he outdid all the German pointers. The test consisted of 5 main tasks:

In November, he passed the dummy beginners test. There are three levels for this type of test over here (beginners, advanced and open class). This test has 4 parts to it: single land mark from 50 meter distance, single water mark from 50 meter distance, search in woods (7 out of 10 bumpers have to be delivered without exchange), footwork and memory mark. The judges look for steadiness, will to please, speed and style when grading the dog's performance. Toper did pretty well. His steadiness is getting better and better. He just loves to retrieve and has such a good nose.

Not to be outdone by his littermate, Doc (Celia X Noah) has been competing with his owner Brian. He got his first Rally Advanced leg with a 99/100 and 2nd place, his third Novice leg to earn his CD AND his first Grad Novice leg with a first place all on the same day. The next day he got an insurance CD leg and another first place in Grad Novice. His friend Ada won Grad Open the first day. What a weekend for Brian, Doc and Ada!

2012 News

News for fall 2012

photo of black and yellow labs
Jake and Vega earned their Dog for All Reasons awards at the LRC National Specialty in October. Jake qualified in both the Master and Senior stakes in the hunt tests and placed in his conformation class. He almost qualified in Open Obedience, failing only the drop on recall exercise. Vega qualified in the Junior stake and Novice Obedience and participated in conformation. They are shown with a very bedraggled handler and the judges of the Junior and Senior stakes.

Vega finished her CD title at the Oshkosh Kennel Club shows in her next two times in the ring!

Piper (Godot X Daisy) is now an evaluated service dog, trained by Paws with a Cause.

Jake earned a point in conformation, going Winners and Best Opposite Sex at the Manitowoc Kennel Club show in September.

Vega earned her first Novice leg with a score of 190 and third place at the National Specialty. We expect to try to finish the title in December at the local trial, and then on to Open.

Jake earned his CDX in two weekends with three class placements. His top score was 190. We will be going on to try for the UD.

News for summer 2012

We were sorry to hear of the death of Boras (out of my last retinal folds study litter) Boras was a beautiful and sweet natured family pet and only 6 years old.

Cece finished her CD, earning two scores of 194.5, with a second and third place on the same weekend. Her last leg was also a third place with a 186 on a hot day without air conditioning. Soon after getting her title, Cece went to live with her mother’s breeder in California. Ben reports that she is sleeping on the bed and in his big chair with an ottoman, visits the beach, and follows him everywhere.

Toastie got her WC in August, one of two entrants to qualify. She will be going for her JH next summer and continuing her training in obedience and agility.

Doc (Ch Sher-Mi’s Front Runner SH X Celia) earned his Beginner Novice title with scores in the high 90’s and placements, including a first place! He got his first AKC point, as well. His brother Toper earned the equivalent of a CD in Germany and also placed 4th in a field trial stake for young dogs.

Celia earned her CD- we won’t talk about the scores!

Luka, who had lived with us for almost 2 years, went home to his owner, Debbie, who is in remission from brain cancer. We are so happy for Debbie and Luka.

I was shocked and saddened to lose Dash to a widespread cancer in his abdominal cavity. He seemed perfectly well until only a few days before his death, willingly doing his open obedience exercises, including jumping and drop on recall without any signs of distress. He was 9 years old.

News for spring 2012

Solo, Jake, Dash, and Vega are now official therapy dogs, having been certified by Healing Paws of Fond du LacThe test was essentially a CGC with several additions. Dash, Solo, and Jake have made several visits to local nursing homes since qualifying. Celia, Cece, and Toastie qualified for a CGC.

Congratulations to Vega’s littermate Chevy (Addison Oaks Super Sport) on earning his MH. Chevy’s father and maternal grandfathers are Champions with the MH, and his mother Rosy is an SH. Cammie is his grandmother.

Vega got her RN with scores of 100. 99, and 89 (in the middle of a very loud thunder storm) and three 2nd places. She quickly followed with her RA with scores of 97, 95, and 88 (I screwed up an exercise).

Cammie died in April at over 13.5 years of age. She produced 33 puppies in her three litters, of which 10 were from a mistake breeding while she was at a trainer’s kennel. Of the 23 pure-breds, 4 became service dogs, 5 earned WCs and or field titles, including a SH and a MH, one earned agility and obedience titles, and 3 more earned obedience and or rally titles. Three are UKC and/or AKC pointed. Two are doing therapy work. Cammie really passed along her strong desire to please her people.

2011 news

Cece won the Rally Advanced A class both days at Sheboygan KC in September with scores of 99 and 98 to finish her title and get an insurance leg.

Brags for spring/summer 2011

Jake (Linamia Thanks for the Memories CD RE MH AWC) has earned three new titles in the last four months, getting his RE in three straight trials, his CD with class placements two seconds and one third), and his MH with his fifth straight pass, handled by myself while his trainer, Larry Sonntag, was recovering from an injury. He also has had two wins in conformation, despite not being in show weight. He went WD at Oshkosh in May and WD and BOS at Manitowoc in September for two more points. He got third place in a big bred-by class at Winnebago LRC and also was RWD to a major at one of the Madison shows in May. He also was a star of the Badger LRC’s demonstration at the Wisconsin State Fair, doing a double followed by a blind through the marks, as well as a short Rally course off lead.

Flynn (Ch Timberlines Big Ben of Fawnhaven RN SH X Celia) was another participant at the Wisconsin State Fair. He is nearly ready to be certified as a Search and Rescue dog. Cynthia says that he catches on very fast.

Congratulations to Solo’s son Mars, bred and owned by the Krafts, on winning a major this summer!

Vega (Addison Oaks Superstar at Linamia JH WC) got her JH at Island View, handled by me and going 4/5. Her scores were really good, mostly 10s. She is now starting to learn doubles, reviewing force fetching, and on to yard work.

Vega congratulates her brother Chevy, (Addison Oaks Super Sport SH) out of Jake and Cece’s littermate Rosie, on earning three more MH legs, handled by his owner Ron. The last title leg has been elusive, as Ron struggles with the complexities of handling at the MH level. I can relate - Jake and I have bombed several times, too, mostly my fault for not marking the falls well.

Iggins (Godot X Daisy) is now living with her new family, including Maverick, a Solo son. They enjoyed outings on the Wisconsin River this summer, swimming from sand bars in the river. Her littermate Reed is coming along with his training and will be hunting with Kevin this fall. Another littermate was a “demo dog” at the Wisconsin State Fair as a puppy in training for Paws with a Cause.

Cece (Linamia Memories of CC Labs RA WC) finished her RA and got an insurance leg at the Sheboygan shows with two first places and scores of 99 and 98.

I was sorry to hear about the deaths of Callie, Aslan and Kozo (Ch Ashlyn’s Don Giovanni X Trekkie) at the age of 14.

black lab

Jake is off to a good start in 2011 with a win at Oshkosh KC for another point toward his championship. He followed up by going Best Adult in Match at the Oshkosh B all-breed Match a week later.

Dash earned his CD with a qualifying score at Timber Ridge Dog Training trial despite falling asleep during the stand for exam. Well, it seemed that way! His on lead heeling was pretty good, but everything after the stand was shaky. He had a score in the mid-180s. Cece got her third Rally Novice leg with a 97 and fourth place. We had to repeat the down.

black lab

Here is a photo of Doc as he approaches his first birthday (10 moths), as well as one in which he is helping his buddy Ada celebrate her birthday. Doc in on the right. He is attending obedience classes ad progressing nicely. Ada got a graduate novice leg and a rally leg recently.

black labs

Bosun went to a CPE agility recently and qualified in 6 out of 8 events with two firsts, a second and a third. Here is a recent head shot of Bosun. What an expressive face he has!

yellow lab

I have heard from one of the puppies donated to Paws with a Cause from Daisy and Godot’s litter. Gabby lives with her foster parent Chris and is a real gal about town, visiting several establishments like Home Depot on a regular basis. She is progressing well in her obedience and socialization. Here is her latest portrait. Playing in the snow seems to be the universal theme right now!

yellow lab

Toper’s (Ch Sher-Mi’s Front Runner JH X Celia) owners are off to a two-year stint in Germany but Maya already has an obedience club lined up to train at while they are there. Happy travels, Toper!

News 2010

Congratulations to Addison Oaks Supersport SH (Chevy), son of Jake and Cece's littermate Rosie and to his owners Ron and Robin on his first MH leg at 2.5 years old! I really have to get moving with Vega, his littermate!

October, 2010: One of Daisy’s puppies sired by Godot, Turk, is now living with his cousin Chase (Ch Timberline’s Big Ben of Fawnhaven RN SH X Celia).

yellow lab puppy with adult labs
Here is Turk with Chase (black) and the other Lab in the family Clancy (chocolate). Love the cute picture!

Dash got his first two legs on his CD on Oct. 16 and 17. His score on Saturday wasn’t anything to brag about, a reasonably good 188. But Sunday he got a 194.5! No placement- there were some extremely good working dogs in the Novice class both days. Cece, against less competition, picked up two 2nd places in Rally Novice, her first time in the performance ring.

Bosun (Ch Waterbound Locke On Laddy MH X Cammie) earned his Novice Agility title with a first place and also his second NAJ leg with another first place! Doreen assures me that the Border Collies and Goldens were out in force. Now on to more CPE events and the 12 pole weave for AKC Open.

Josie (Godot X Celia) and her owner Jane have been busy. This summer and fall Josie got three legs on her AKC JH and also earned her CD with a first place and high scoring lab in trial and two seconds. Then she got an insurance leg with another first and high scoring lab. Her score was 195.5. Josie now has her WC, RE, and NAHRA started title as well as the CD.

Doc (Linamia’s I’m Your Huckleberry- Ch Sher-Mi’s Front Runner JH X Celia) is now living with his new owners Brian and Marilyn in Indiana and enjoying swimming in their pool, while his only littermate Toper (Linamia’s Drink and Run), co-owned with Maya, does his swimming at the dog beach at a Madison park. Both boys will be shown in conformation when ready and are working in obedience. We should be adding news of them in a year or two.

labs swimming
Here is Doc swimming in his pool and his friend Ada demonstrating a big water entry.

August, 2010: Congratulations to Jake on his four in a row MH passes in 2010, handled by Larry Sonntag! We will have to wait until next year to try for that 5th leg, as we are not going to any more hunt tests in 2010. Also congratulations to Chevy (Ch Caer Bren Superhero MH X Linamia’s Miss Congeniality SH (Jake’s littermate Rosie) on obtaining his SH title at only 2.5 years of age.

July, 2010: Congratulations to Jake and Celia, who finished their RA titles (off-lead obedience work) on July 4 at Kettle Moraine KC. Jake was first in his class at WLRC, second on Saturday, and fourth on Sunday, while Celia was second at WLRC and first on Sunday, getting a score of 96 to Jake's 95. She had already earned a leg last year, so I didn't enter her on Saturday. They both did so well despite not having been trained in Rally for two weeks. Jake has been at Salty Dog Farms getting ready for MH tests, and Celia's training was ignored as I prepared for and whelped a litter out of her sister Daisy. Jake also won the Bred By class in conformation on Sunday.

May, 2010: Jake completed his Rally Novice title with a first and a third place.

April, 2010: Congratulations to Bosun on getting his first two AKC standard agility legs with a first and a second place!

Bosun had another great agility weekend with two new CP titles, three first places, one second and two fourths. Obviously, she had to keep her sense of humor while running Bosun in agility. On day 2 he had four runs and four Qs with a first, second and two fourths. His last run, Snooker, he was amazing finishing a course blazing fast that most dogs of his level didn’t complete at all! Here is Doreen’s account of day one.

“Bosun was entered in 3 classes in today’s CPE event. He ran Jumpers Level 2 and placed first in his class (11 dogs). He ran Standard Level 1 and placed first again (5 dogs), completing his CL1-S title. Then, he ran Colors Level 1. In Colors, you have a choice of two courses (colored differently). They weave in and out of each other. Once you commit to one, if you take an obstacle from the other color course, you NQ. A lot of dogs were NQing. Well, I was telling people how I felt pretty good because I’d seen dogs poo, pee, run out of the ring, stop on the top of the A-frame, not do jumps, bark at the judge, stay in the tunnel, etc. I felt, that no matter what Bosun did in the last run, it wouldn’t be something that hadn’t happened to someone else already today.

So, I take him down the orange course. There’s a sharp turn at the end of a tunnel to a jump. This avoids another tunnel straight in line with the tunnel he came out of but on the blue course. Bosun did great and took the sharp turn. I however, ended up kicking an inverted beach pail marking the jump. He looked at the pail and instantly it reminded him of the plastic flower pots that have often been left in my yard. He loves to throw them up in the air and pounce on them. Yes, that’s what he did! It was the cutest thing ever! Looked like a cat tossing a mouse around! Everyone was laughing and how funny he was. I hope the photographer got a picture. Anyway, I got him back focused on me and we completed the course! Unfortunately, we got 5 off for interfering with the obstacle and we went a second over time (too much playing). It was a really funny NQ. “

News 2009

October 15th, 2009: Celia was Winners Bitch at the Twin Cities LRC specialty in August for a major. Pluis Davern, the judge said that she reminded her of her great grandmother multi-specialty BOB Ch Breton Gate Cairngorm CD JH and that she would love to take her home. I did not bother to tell Pluis about Celia’s propensity for counter surfing or talking back when you don’t do what she wants.

Dash finished his Rally Avanced title with a third place on Saturday and 2nd place on Sunday at Winnegamie DTC on October 10 and 11. Celia qualified in RA on Saturday for her first leg. Dash has qualified and placed in six of the seven trials he’s entered, and the one NQ was totally my fault, as I did the wrong exercise not once, but three times. Because of a conflict with conformation, I didn’t get a chance to walk the course or even watch a dog work before we went in the ring. I’m proud of my dogs, who have earned four Rally titles this year, never having attended a Rally class or trained indoors (all the trials we attended were indoors) or, in fact, anywhere but my back yard. Solo did benefit from two obedience classes to earn her CD.

Chase with his first duck
Bosun has started doing therapy visits at the assisted living facility where Doreen’s aunt lives and is learning the few agility obstacles he hasn’t yet mastered. Rum (Godot X Celia) and Godot will be going hunting in South Dakota.

Chase (Ch Timberline’s Big Ben at Fawnhaven RN SH X Celia) retrieved his first duck on opening weekend at 8 months of age. He had to chase it down in the cattails! Here is Chase with his duck and his buddy Quincy.

October 1st, 2009 Congratulations to Solo and her kids, who have been busy in the Rally and obedience rings. Solo earned her CD and RA at the Manitowoc shows (September 12 and 13- scores were 192 and 193.5 in obedience and 95 in Rally for 3rd place), Dash got his first RA leg (with 95 and 4th place- Mom beat him on time), and Celia got two RN legs. She finished her title a week later at Sheboygan KC with a 96 and fourth place.

Also congratulations to Bosun (Laddy X Cammie) and Doreen who got their first AKC agility qualifying score recently and to Josie (Godot X Celia), who got her UKC Started title.

Bosun with ribbons from one weekend of showing

August, 2009 Congratulations to Tori (Ch Waterbound Locke On Laddy MH X Cammie) on achieving her JH title in four straight tests handled by Jerry Forster. Also to Rum (Godot X Celia) on his JH, handled by Tom Waite. Rum is already doing doubles and short land blinds, in preparation for running in SH tests in the future.

Here is a picture of Bosun, who is now Linamia Artemia's Boatswain CD, RE, CL1-F, TDI, CGC, TT (UKC pointed) (Ch Waterbound Locke On Laddy MH X Cammie) with his winnings from a single weekend of agility trials! The titles are, respectively, an obedience Companion Dog, Rally Excellent, the agility title, Therapy Dog International, Canine Good Citizen, and Temperament Tested. I think I got that all right. Doreen says that Bosun going through the tunnels sounds like a freight train. Here is Doreen’s description, and no, I don’t understand all those different events! Apparently Doreen and Bosun do.

“I entered Bosun in 8 games total. He runs 20” jump height (considered regular height for his height). He placed 1st in Standard Level 1, 1st in Wildcard Level 1, 3rd in Jackpot Level 1, 2nd in Full House Level 1 and 1st in Jumpers Level 2 (he completed Jumpers Level 1 last winter). The other three he NQd related to missing a contact or knocking down a bar (which ended point accumulations). Overall he did really well. He now has a CPE title CL1-F and is close to accumulating several others, however there won’t be any more CPE shows around here until I think next winter. “

Dawn (Ch Timberline’s Big Ben of Fawnhaven RN SH X Celia) attended the Wisconsin State Fair at 6 months old to participate in our retrieving demonstration and won the hearts of the crowd - and got her share of laughs - by charging out to retrieve and then trying to take off with the object she had obtained. Unfortunately for Dawn, we had anticipated this behavior and had her on a long line. She had a steady stream of admirers all day long, licked many hands and faces, and had a wonderful time. She slept all the way home and then had a good long pee, as she had been holding it all day rather than go where the other dogs had gone. Jake demonstrated the handling drill “baseball”, did a mark with a diversion bird, and a poison bird blind. Our club, Badger LRC, won a third prize for our demonstration, as well as the best booth in the World of Dogs event, which serves as one of the educational services we do for the public.

7/30/09 Congratulations to Chevy, Addison Oaks Super Sport (Ch Caer Bren Superhero MH X Linamia Miss Congeniality SH) on earning his JH in four straight tests handled by Ron Huck.

Solo earned her second CD leg with a 193.5 and second place and her first RA leg with 95 and first place.

7/1/09 Dash, Cece and Jake went to a show/obedience trial last weekend. Saturday we did nothing in breed, but Dash got his second RN leg with an 87 and 4th place. He finished his title on Sunday with 99 and 3rd place. I think Saturday’s judge was rather tough and Sunday’s was easy, although Dash may have done a little better on Sunday. Cece was reserve on Sunday, but the big news in conformation was Jake, who went Winners Dog and Best of Winners for his second point! The judge liked his type and his coat.

In memorium: Rusty (FC AFC Riparian Roughrider X Possum) at almost 14 years of age. He was his owner Bryce’s best friend and hard to let go.

Josie and Jane
Josie (Godot X Celia) is pictured with her owner/handler Jane after earning her second UKC Started leg. Do you think Jane is happy?

Rainey, Cab and Val
Rainey (Watson X Cammie) is shown with her kennelmate Cabot and owner Val at Squaw Creek Falls in Oregon. Rainey and Cabot do a lot of hiking and also go canoeing.

Quincy and Chase
Chase (Ch Timberline’s Big Ben at Fawnhaven RN SH X Celia) is shown with his kennelmate Quincy. What a nice sit for such a little guy! Chase will be a hunting dog for his family.

Jerry with Tori

Congratulations to Tori (Laddy X Cammie and littermate to Jake, Cece, Rosie and Bosun) and her human "grandfather" Jerry on winning the Junior division (dog can be held on the line) of the Singles Marathon competition sponsored by Pikes Peak Retriever Club ion April 25, 2009. As I understand it, every dog gets four retrieves and then they begin to get eliminated if their performance is poor. The winner is the dog that keeps doing a good job. Jerry says that Tori was a clear winner. Tori actually lives with Jerry's daughter Jeri and her husband. She will be running in JH tests and getting ready for Senior. Boy, does she look like her mother!

Also congratulations to Josie (Godot X Celia) on completing her Rally Excellent title with a first place and to her littermate Rum on his first two JH legs. Josie and Rum will turn two in July. Josie will now be moving on to the CD, and Rum is already doing doubles and will be working toward his SH this summer.

Jake won two fairly large and competitive Bred By Exhibitor classes this spring and was RWD at another show. He is now back at Salty Dog Farm getting ready for Masters.

Dawn (yellow) and Hailey (black)

Dawn, age 9 weeks

And here we introduce Dawn, Linamia's Toast and Tea, age 9 weeks, playing with her kennelmate Hailey, who was part of my retinal folds study.

Dawn (Ch Timberline's Big Ben of Fawnhaven SH RN X Celia) is replacing her great grandmother Diva (Ch Linamia's Magic Flute) as a hunting companion to Hailey and their co-owner Dick. She will be shown if she is worthy. Meanwhile she will be learning the art of finding grouse and pheasants from Dick and Hailey. Dawn's littermate Beauregard has a starring role in a U-tube video.

Jake got his first point on Saturday, Jan. 31st, going BOB at Packerland KC!

Mazie, Taffy, and Rusty (FC AFC Riparian Roughrider X Possum) all sent Christmas greetings at almost 13.5 years old.
lab next to race car
Here is Rusty beside the race car belonging to Bryce’s son. Bryce is a school principal in Missouri. Rusty hunted with him for 4 or 5 years, and Maize earned an SH. All three are great family pets.

News 2008

Diva, Ch Linamia's Magic Flute, (June 23, 1994-Feb. 29, 2008)has passed on. Diva was a real sparkler in the show ring and a great mover. She was shown to the championship by Jeff Ingelli with whom she was madly in love. She produced only one puppy, but what a puppy!- Ch Linamia Papageno's Aria JH (Solo). I owe a lot to Diva.

Her owner, Richard's tribute to her is simpler but heartfelt. This man, who has hunted over many dogs of several breeds just said, "She was the best dog I ever had." Diva was 13.5 and was still hunting with him only a few months ago.

Rosie, Jake and Bosun are all from the Laddy X Cammie litter.




Rosie earned her JH in June, 2007 and in July, 2008 earned her SH. She will also continue pursuing a career in conformation. Rosie had three puppies sired by BISS Ch Caer Bren Superhero MH on 3/5/08. Vega (Addison Oaks Superstar at Linamia) is already retrieving bumpers and birds like a natural. The photo of her on line was taken at a WCX as she waited for the birds to go down.







yellow lab sitting  Rosie


Jake finished his senior hunter title in 4 straight tests on 8/31/08.

photo of yellow lab's face

Bosun (Linamia Artemia's Boatswain) got his CD with three class placements and a high scoring Lab in trial award! In 2008 he also finished his Rally Excellent title, placing in all three attempts. He also is UKC conformation pointed, competes in Air Dog events and goes swimming, canoeing and sailing with his family.

lab leaping off dock lab and family in canoe


Cece (L.Memories of CC Labs WC) has earned two JH legs.
Cece went Winner’s both days at the Oshkosh KC shows in May for 2 more points. Since then she has had another Reserve at Kettle Morraine.

Solo earned her Rally Novice title on 9/21/08 going three for three.


Josie and awards


Congratulations to Josie (Godot X Celia) on attaining her Rally Advanced title with a first place, her first Rally Excellent leg the next day as a move-up, and her first UKC started leg, all at fourteen months of age.





Rosie, Chevy, Rum and Godot all went hunting in North Dakota this year.
lab hunting lab with bird
Here is Rum (Godot X Celia) with two of his retrieves.

October, 2008:
Ch Delby’s Enterprise at Linamia CD JH
March 30, 1994- October 23, 2008
Sleep well, my dear Trekkie!

Celia earned her WC in 2008. She has been bred to Ch Timberline’s Big Ben of Fawnhaven SH RN. Blacks and yellows expected in February. Look under Litters for more information.

News 2007


Ares and and his littermates were sired by CH Ingelnook's Live at the Apollo and bred by Jim and Maria Kraft who leased Solo to breed to Apollo. The pups are great companions and Ares has won classes at Specialty shows.

photo of yellow lab standing in snow

Codi is now Linamia's Triplet Code RN. (formerly Codon from Watson X Cammie litter) She finished her RN with two first places handled by her new owner Jane. Her littermates Bronco and Hawk are now certified Service Dogs trained by Paws with a Cause.

photo of yellow lab puppy with toy  photo of 3 yellow lab puppies

Codi had her first litter in Maine sired by Bayou Bend Standing Ovation WC (Can. pointed and a son of all-time BIS winner Ch Aquarius Centercourt Delight.) She should be back in the Rally ring soon!

photo of yellow puppy sitting in grass
This is Rum. Rum lives with his father, Godot.


Maddie with her WC ribbon

Linamia Sweet Madeline was tragically killed in an accident soon after earning her WC.