Past Stars

CH Campbellcroft's Cara CDX JH WC (Cara)

Linamia's Bevin of Khinbrough CDX JH (Bevin)

Ch Ashlyn's Egan at Linamia CD JH (Egan)

Linamia's Playin' Possum CD MH (Possum)

Ch Delby's Enterprise at Linamia CD JH (Trekkie)

Chuckanut CC Memory Bank JH (Cammie)

Linamia's Full Steam Ahead CD, RA, WC (Dash)

Linamia's Worth the Wait SH (Godot)

Ch Linamia Papageno's Aria CD RA JH WC CGC (Solo)

Linamia's Drink to Me Only RA WC CGC (Celia)

Linamia's St. Pauli Girl (Daisy)

Linamias Memories of CC Labs CD RA WC (Cece)

Linamia’s Toast and Tea (Dawn)

These dogs are in the pedigrees of some of my dogs. I loved them all. Celia and Daisy are still with me.

Ch Campbellcroft's Cara CDX JH WC (Cara)

CH Leyward Softly Softly At Lawnwood X CH Campbelcrofts Pede CD, WC
June 21, 1981-August 10. 1995
Breeders: Donald and Virginia Campbell
Co-owner: Virginia Campbell
OFA Good


Cara was that dog of a lifetime. She contributed fluid movement, beautiful angles, front and rear, and a lovely head to my breeding program. Her litter sired by Briary Granada included a Champion, a Junior Hunter and a Companion Dog. More of a partner than a pet, she devoted herself to me for the 14 years (almost to the day) that she lived with me. I miss her still. I will always be grateful to the Campbells for entrusting their pick puppy to me, for arranging to have her shown, and for shepherding me through that first breeding. I miss you, too, Don and Ginger.

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Linamia's Bevin of Khimbrough CDX JH (Bevin)

CH Rainell's Dynasty X Khimbrough's Chris of Glencoe
June 23, 1986-March. 2001
Breeder: Kim Zwerenz
OFA Good Wind-Morgan cleared elbows

Bevin, 1989

Bevin, age 10 1/2 years.

Bevin was the best obedience dog I ever didn't train. She got high scores with very little work. A friend to all the world, she was a totally gentle soul with perfect faith in the ability of a duck to be two places at the same time. Her strong desire to please, her perfect coat and tail set, and sweet expression can still be seen in her great granddaughter Solo and her get. Her first litter, sired by my Egan, produced a conformation pointed Master Hunter and a service dog. Her second, sired by Ch Daylight's Midnight Raider, produced no titles, but some treasured family pets who shared her sweet disposition. Also in this litter was Magic, whose daughter, Ch Linamia's Magic Flute (Diva) was my first homebred and owned champion. Diva is Solo's mother.

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Ch Ashlyn's Egan of Linamia CD JH (Egan)

Eng/AM CH Receiver of Cranspire X CH Kellydowns Wild Irish Rose CD, JH
May 3, 1987-November 2000
Breeder: Wendy Brehm
OFA Good


Egan was a personality, the one who made me laugh. He had such a strong desire to retrieve that he barked in frustration while he was swimming out to the bird because he couldn't get there fast enough- and he was a powerhouse in the water. He contributed his bone and powerful structure to his daughter Possum and grandson Godot, as well as retrieving instincts. Egan sired two litters for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I never heard how one of these litters fared, but 5 of the 7 puppies in the other became Leader Dogs!

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Linamia's Playin' Possum CD MH (Possum)

CH Ashlyn's Egan Of Linamia CD, JH X Linamia's Bevin of Khimbrough CDX, JH
April 16, 1991-April 1, 2006
Trained to the MH by Dave Ward
OFA Good, Elbows clear


Possum was a "project" for Dave, her training being a tight rope walk between applying enough pressure to make her do what you wanted and too much so that her attitude crumbled. However, once trained, she retained it all and actually enjoyed field work. She got all her legs on her MH in one year and qualified for the Master National with Dave handling. Her first litter, sired by FC AFC Riparian Roughrider, produced a SH, a seizure detection dog, and several good hunting dogs. Her second, sired by Linamia's Deep Space Nine, produced two excellent hunting dogs, including Godot, who has his SH. Possum was active until the last week of her long life, going for walks at her own pace.

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Ch Delby's Enterprise at Linamia CD JH (Trekkie)

Blackthorn's Imminent Thunder X CH Campbellcroft Elixer O'Delby JH
March 30, 1994 to October 23rd, 2008
Breeder and co-owner: Vicki Blodgett
Trained to the JH by Kass Goulding
OFA Excellent, clear elbows


Trekkie was the Queen Bee. She also was a supreme "grannie" to all Linamia puppies, believing as she did in the importance of cleanliness. No one else lived up to Trekkie's standards for bathing puppies. Her first litter produced no titled dogs, but a son, Drake, (Linamia's Enterprise at McDerry), has 5 Canadian champion offspring. The pup I kept did not work out and had to be placed. Then I could not get her pregnant again. She finally had one puppy out of Ch Blackdux Knight Moves.

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